· Our receipt is for goods mentioned herein. Without it, no adjustments will be made or orders released.

· Our firm cannot be responsible for any defects that may exist in rugs or carpets when they are given into out custody. The customer agrees to accept our findings on their conditions when they are received in our plant and further release the firm from any responsibility for defects existing in the goods prior to our servicing them, or for defects that are not visible until soil was removed.

· Tufted rugs contain latex glue, which breaks down with time and gives out a rubbery smell and white powdery residue. Tufted rugs tend to shrink after wash. We are not responsible for such conditions.

· We are not responsible for any tags that are attached to the rugs.

· Shrinkage in rugs and carpets depends on type and quality. We cannot be responsible for these conditions.

· Fading, color changes, or dry rot due to wear, action of sunlight, white knots, rug being painted, moth damage or age is frequently not noticeable prior to cleaning; color change in rugs can be a result of certain types of materials used in tugs when they interact with water and we cannot assume responsibility.

· Some spots and stains are impossible to remove. While we make every effort to remove them, we cannot guarantee complete elimination.

· We highly recommend deodorizing rugs with pet odor, but we cannot guarantee that our deodorizing process will remove the smell from every rug. Our success rate is about 98 percent.

· Binding and fringes- some rugs have leather or cotton backing that may come loose during the washing process- we cannot be responsible for these conditions.

· In most cases we trim down the fringes so they are not uneven unless we are told otherwise.

· Price quotations are based on size and type of material and are subject to change when order is checked in.

· Price quotations given over telephone are subject to corrections as to sizes and quantities. If found incorrect, all services will be charged on all contracts at current rates.

· Insurance is for 30days and covers fire and theft only on all will call orders. An automatic overtime charge will be placed on all rugs left here over 30 days.

· On will call orders, we request at least two days notice before delivery. Delivery date is made with reservations. We make one free delivery on date specified; rugs not accepted and interest incurred in collection of this account.

· We do not deal directly with customer’s insurance companies and the payments are the responsibility of the customer’s.