Hand Wash, Deodorize, Scotch Guard, Mothproof


repairFixing Holes, Binding, Fringes, or Total Restoration


apprisalSpecifying Type, Origin, Age, Value, Dyes, KPSI


storageStoring Rugs in a climate controlled environment


padPadding protects both your rugs and hard floors

Rug Cleaning

Specializing in Oriental Rug Cleaning We specialize in Fine Handmade Oriental Rugs such as: Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Pakistan Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Indian Rugs, Portuguese Rugs, Egyptian Rugs, Romanian Rugs, Silk Rugs, Shag Rugs, Skin Leather Rugs, Flakati Rugs and Antique Rugs. Among our customers are rug dealers, rug Importers and Carpet Cleaners from all over the US.

Rug Repair

Our repair team is an expert and master in rug repairs. We are serving more than 1,300 rug dealers all over United States. We treat every rug with care, weather it is hand made or machine made. We classify the rug by the style, origin, condition, age and dye. We at Fred Remmers, do provide service to dealers (wholesale & retail) as well as private customers, and have done so for many years.

Rug Appraisal

We regularly prepare rug appraisals for private clients, fiduciary advisers, and estate executors. They meet a wide-array of needs, including asset management, probate and succession, informed estate and tax planning, insurance purposes, a prior inquires about property acquisition, collateral loan agreements, gift tax documentation, and charitable contributions.

Rug Storage

When a rug is to be stored for more than a few months it should be cleaned, sprayed with insecticide, and wrapped in protective plastic or a tough synthetic paper like “Tyvek”® building paper. Don’t use newspaper or common brown wrapping paper. These materials are not chemically stable (they are usually quite acidic), and do not provide the protection from insects or moisture the stored rug needs.

Rug Padding

Rug pads are extremely recommended to prolong the life of your handmade area rug, especially if the rug is thin and soft. Pads under rugs will prevent sliding, and will cushion the impact between shoe sole and hard floor surfaces. Also, rug pads protect the floor, and absorb room noise. A pad should be about one inch smaller than the rug all the way around (excluding the fringes) so that the pad will not show beneath the rug.