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Hand Wash

Delicate & Detailed Oriental Rug Cleaning
When it comes to your Oriental rug, you have made an investment that you want to last, and the best way to do that is to have your rug cleaned by professionals who have been doing this for decades. At Fred Remmers Rug Cleaners, we have been serving clients just like you for more than 135 years with the same level of expertise and dedication to our craft that has made us a name across the country. Our Memphis hand washing services offer the finest, most detailed Oriental rug cleaning in the industry, so contact us to get your free estimate today.
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Our Hand Wash Process

Pre-Cleaning Evaluation
We take the greatest care when handling any Oriental rug, and will always perform a complete assessment of the piece before we touch it. This ensures that your rug receives only the best treatment for its unique condition, color, style, material, and age. If our experts determine that a hand wash is right for your rug, then we'll start with dusting and beating.
Dusting and Beating
The majority of the wear and tear found in Oriental rugs (other than stains and spots) is caused by a buildup of dust and debris. Our dusting and beating process gently removes all of the dry dust and dirt lodged in between the fibers of your rug, so the fibers can breathe without compromising their delicate weave. We take special care with antique or compromised rugs, placing the rug between two pieces of screen to ensure the best results while maintaining the rug's structural integrity.
Stability Test
After the dusting, we perform a 24-hour color stability test to ensure that the colors won't run. If a rug fails this test, we take extra precautions to ensure that there is no color transfer throughout the washing process. In addition, we assess and treat unstable ends and damaged areas with extra care before the washing process, to ensure we have the best cleaning technique for the rug.
After we have stabilized any fragile areas, we fully immerse the rug in a tub with a natural soap specifically formulated to be gentle yet effective and to protect the natural oils and lanolin from the wool fibers in the rug. For most cases, the rug is then agitated on both sides to make sure the solution reaches every fiber. In the case of antique rugs or those that require special attention, we hand-brush the rugs instead of agitate them.

rug cleaningIn this immersion tub, we constantly circulate the water to ensure that the rug is not sitting in dirty, stagnant water. This way, we are able to help stuck in dirt and set stains dissolve away from the fibers deep within the rug.
Our rinsing process is thorough and includes flushing all of the contaminants, leftover soap, and dirty water out of the rug using a gentle, massaging flushing tool. This step may be repeated several times to ensure the rug is sparkling clean.
After the rug is completely rinsed and clean, it is laid out on a screen to air dry in a climate controlled, dehumidified area to improve and expedite the drying process.
Fringe Cleaning
The fringe is addressed while the rug is laying out to dry. We never use chlorine bleach on the fringe, as it causes the fibers to deteriorate and warp over time. Instead, we use a potassium bisulfate-based solution, which is gentle on and effective on cotton. While cotton fringe will gray over time, this doesn't mean it is dirty, it simply is what happens to the material as it ages.
Final Details
We're not done with your rug until our experts and you are completely satisfied with it. Because of this, we take extra time during the final detailing step to:
  1. Dust again with a dry air tool to remove any stray lint or dust that might have been missed the first time around.
  2. Inspect the rug thoroughly.
  3. Groom the rug by brushing and vacuuming it.
Our hand wash process is designed to make your Oriental rug look, smell, and be cleaner while ensuring it will last for many years to come. We know you'll love the extra care your rugs receive at Fred Remmers, so contact our team today!
When Your Little Friend Makes A Big Mistake
You love your furry friends, and just like so many families across the world, your pets are an essential part of your home. However, sometimes pets have accidents, and they are not only frustrating at first to deal with, but they can seriously damage your carpet and rugs over time. The good news is, our Oriental rug cleaning team is full of professionals who are experts in removing the odor, stain, and remnants of pet urine and other accidents, so you can breathe easy knowing your investment isn't ruined by the pet you love so much.
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Is It Worth It?
Occasionally, under extreme water damage or soiling circumstances, a rug may be discarded because the cost of restoration exceeds the cost of the rug itself. However, with Oriental rugs and many other antique rugs or tapestries, there is often a higher value in addition to a sentimental attachment, which makes cleaning and deodorizing the rug absolutely worth it.

Our Custom Cleaning and Deodorizing Solution

We take the greatest care with all of our rugs, making thorough assessments before jumping in and cleaning anything. In this way, we have cleaning solutions for even the most delicate antique rugs, which prevent color seepage or fraying of any kind. Our cleaning techniques are designed to be gentle, and to bring out the best in your Oriental rug, and our patented tools are second to none for ensuring you get the best results, every time.

It's time to say goodbye to pet odors or water damage, and get back the rug you love. Contact us today! You can also get a free estimate right here online! Here at Fred Remmers, we proudly provide a variety of rug cleaning services.